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My performance experience has ranged from Musical Theatre, Jazz, and Contemporary styles. I have performed professionally with Contemporary dance


We Interrupt This Program (2021)

This video is an excerpt from my MFA Thesis We Interrupt This Program. This performance experience invited audiences to participate in the order and outcome of the choreography by calling out cues. Encouraging spontaneity, collaboration, investigation, and play, this work examines the roles of dancer, choreographer, and spectator.

Embodied Frequencies (2019)

This work explores responses to stimuli through varying frequencies and sounds that were then abstracted. The audience participated in the sound score by contributing their own audible stimuli for the dancers to respond to through movement.

Becoming [Dis]connected (2017)

This piece was choreographed for Body Logic Dance Company's Humanitarian Concert Series Without a Roof. I was inspired by our social norms of interacting and passing by others on the street.

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